Purchase Regulation

Art. 1. – The CSRGEST SRL is the company that uses a system of ART Platform Leonardo Consulting LLC US, and also called for brevity hereinafter “CSRWEB”; it operates as a representative of the owners, known as “Awarding“; therefore assumes no liability beyond those specified in the purchase and sales regulations. CSRWEB on specific customer requirement already met remains available in put at the disposal of provenance documentation / ownership.

Art. 2. – The purchase and sales regulations are published and printed directly from the website of WEB_SALES for a careful and prior consultation, www.art-alive.eu.

Art. 3. – The prior registration in WEB_SALES is a necessary condition for participation in the sale procedure in WEB_SALES. The buyer of the lot put in  WEB_SALES is also called contractor. With registration and authentication in WEB_SALES, one who buys WEB_SALES clicking the BUY button and confirming Cart purchase, expressly declares under their own responsibility, to have read of this Regulation, accepting the content in its entirety. For all lots that are not materially in physical possession of CSRWEB, but are in the hands of Awarding the key is BUY VER (verification); in this case the CSRWEB confirms the advance purchase within 48 working hours.

Art. 4. – The sale in  WEB_SALES: payment is made directly at WEB_SALES payments with VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL or by bank transfer or withdrawal for cash (up to € 1,000), by check and charge related committees; It has admitted the bank check bank account to known and accredited persons; the assignment and, therefore, the properties of the batch, will be ultimately successfully collected. The payment terms must be agreed prior to purchase in WEB_SALES with CSRWEB email credit@art-alive.eu

Art. 5. – The quality of WEB_SALES lots are those visible, the customer can also request additional photos. The CSRWEB is not responsible for the nature and origin of the objects for sale, liability to be imposed only on the “Awarding“; generally CSRWEB is exempt from any type of civil, penal and administrative as it acts as a mere representative in good faith. For this reason, the CSRWEB invites people interested in buying to seek the opinion of experts that third parties can also view lots exposed in particular to authenticity and attribution. The CSRWEB provide information about lots unless specifically responsible for carrying out assessments and formal estimates in writing takers, only in this case, the consequent responsibility regarding the nature of the lot. Failing to attend the exhibition and then the failure to carefully and conscientiously assess the work the CSRWEB are exempt from any liability in the event of subsequent dissatisfaction or afterthought. In any case it shall apply to this Regulation Article. 49 and 59, paragraph 1, letter M of the Consumer Code on the subject of withdrawal. After the withdrawal of the lot, it is not possible to express any objection for any reason. The estimated price for each lot is established by the client also based on market valuations extracted from auctions, NETWORK specialist(s) and similar sites detected by the agent; the client assumes  all responsibility before the law concerning the nature and origin of the objects for sale. Any omissions or inaccuracies reported in WEB_SALES, may be challenged by email written to dispute@art-alive.eu. In particular the authenticity and attribution of a batch / items is guaranteed only by the “Awarding” and / or xpert qualified of asseverate chosen by the “Awarding”  itself. For works of insufficient value to require a specific authentication, the estimate declared applies to an offer and        accepted views, apart from the authenticity of the signature or the allocation proposed by the “Awarding“.

Art. 6. – The successful tenderer shall pay the price at CSRWEB award in WEB_SALES, inclusive of purchase with the exception of transport and delivery that can be done short hand in BERGAMO, or just by couriers   authorized by the buyer . After the payment the CSRWEB emits regular receipted invoice with VAT

Art. 8. – The award is considered complete and the withdrawal is allowed with the payment of the amount due, it       must take place within five days of the award; spent this term     CSRWEB will put the item back in WEB_SALES, subject to the right of compulsory execution of the non-purchase.

Art. 9. – The contractor agrees, in favor of CSRWEB, the use of the photographic image of the lot offered for sale. Nothing, therefore, may require in case of use of catalogs, WEB, NETWORK publications, brochures, posters, advertisements and the like of the photographic image, in any way and reproduced by anyone.

Art. 10. – In case of default (failure to withdraw) from buyers, the trustee is authorized to relist the item; any advanced damage from ‘the “Awarding“., for the above non-withdrawal, may be from’ the “Awarding“. ascribed   only to the successful tenderer in default. In case of failure to collect,  as in the case of prolonged storage period after the five days following the sales, the CSRWEB may seek compensation    for the storage of the lot owner, the foster and / or contractor. Fees for storage are established with the formula “estimates in thousands of Euros multiplied clutter in cubic meters”    daily; the volume of any object is calculated by multiplying the three sides (height, width, depth, increased ten centimeters). In the case of jewellery and / or silver the rate for storage is established to 2% / month (two percent) calculated on the estimated value. If the estimated value of the goods left in stock is not bigger than the cost of storage, CSRWEB will sell it to the highest bidder.

Art. 11. – For objects notified by the State (for notified means as provided by Articles 56 and 56 of Law 06/20/1906 and following of Regulation 30 June 1913, on the above-mentioned law) buyers are required to comply with all provisions regulations issued by the Ministry of heritage and Culture, for which may require documentation to CSRWEB.

Art. 12. – The transport of the purchased objects is carried out by, the liability and expenses of the buyers.

Art. 13. – Any complaints may be sent to the email address reclaim@art-alive.eu for any dispute is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bergamo, for prior attempt at conciliation and / or mediation.

Art. 14. – The contractor declares to give its consent in accordance with art. 23 Legislative Decree. 30/06/2003 n 196 to the transmission of personal data by declaring that it has received the information referred to in Article. 13 of Legislative Decree no. Same.

Art. 15. –  The successful tenderer has consulted the purchase conditions here reported,  approving   them specifically in every part and in whole, approving rules of  export from Italy of purchased items. The export of cultural heritage outside the territory of the Italian Republic is subject to the rules provided by the Legislative Decree no. 22 January 2004, n. 42. The export of cultural heritage outside the European Union is also subject to the rules provided by the EC Regulation n. 3911/92 of 9 December l992, as amended by EEC Regulation no.2469/96 of 16 December 1996 and the EC Regulation no. 974/01 of 14 May 2001. The Cultural Heritage with more than 50 years require an export license to be exported outside of Italy. The buyer is responsible for obtaining such a license. The CSRGETS SRL is not liable in respect of such permits, nor can it   guarantee their issue. The payment of purchases must still be carried out on time and the denial of an export permit can not be invoked as a ground for   cancellation of purchase,  much less justify the non-payment of the concerned batch. Tenders will not be accepted except under the conditions        described above. All the works in export are subject to the regulations in force, and the related tax and foreign exchange regulations. In reference to the rules contained in Presidential Decree 633, we inform our customers that, if they wanted  to carry the goods outside the EU for a refund of VAT, you must adhere to the following  ocedures:            complete customs and transportation practices outside EU territory within three months from the date of invoice; send within one month to the said three months the original customs bill directly to     CSRWEB. The three-month      period from the date of invoice, may be suspended for the time necessary to obtain the export certificate.